Competitive Programming

Beginner Guide To Start Competitive Programming


What is Competitive Programming and Why it is useful?

Competitive programming mostly refers to coding to make efficient algorithms using appropriate data structures. Although directly they do not have any real life significance but they test the skills of programmers.

They are mostly algorithms and data structures based and you have to use logic to solve the hypothetical problem posed to you. Not only solve the problem but you have to arrive at a very efficient solution with good time complexity (optimum time to run the program) and space complexity (utilize optimum space).

Let's Understand why it is important–

There are many competitive programming websites which can help you out in competitive programming by not only increasing your ability to think but also make you able to derive the shortcut of doing the task in less time with more effectively.

Some of the known websites are Codeforces, Codechef, Hackerrank, GeeksforGeeks, TopCoders and many more. Do practice on this websites to be a good programmer.😀

Key points before starting the Competitve Programming 🤗

Here are some of the things to keep in your mind before going for a competitive programming:

Where to Start? 🤔

With so many online sites and resources it’s very natural that one will be confused. So, to make things easier I will be going through some of the most popular sites for competitive programming that you can decide yourself which one suits you the best.

Hackerrank is best place for Beginners. If you are clear with syntax of your language, and are starting with implementing stuff/algorithms, then I suggest practice questions from both side by side, else there are “language specific tutorials” on hackerrank.

Resources 😛

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