This is a three day long contest organized by ASSGN for everyone who wants to try and enhance their real world problem solving skill. Participants have to submit their solutions as per problem statement provided. Contestants with most efficient and feasible solution will be rewarded by cash prizes upto 4000 rupees. 

How to participate?

When the contest goes live download the problem statement provided. Make your team or you can participate individually. Download sample format here. Write your solutions in paragraph. Submit it. here

No Registration FEES. Direct Participation. Participants need to submit their solution document within 3 days when the contest goes live


  • One can participate as individual or team
  • Submit your solution within 3 days
  • Teams or individuals can be from any college, school, and of any age
  • Every solution will be judged on basis of efficiency, feasibility, reliability, risk management.
  • Every individual or team can submit more than one solution (solutions should be different)
  • Submit your solutions in .docx format : SAMPLE see here
  • Solution can be in English, Hindi, or Hinglish


  • The winner will be rewarded with a cash prize (up to 4000)
  • Also, some of the most creative submissions will also be rewarded with cash prizes

Problem Statement

Note for teams: Any one team member can submit the solution.