Personal & Managerial Interview Questions

Personal & Managerial Interview Question for Placement

What is Personal Interview?

A personal interview is a face-to-face conversation between an applicant and an interviewer, assessing the applicant’s suitability for a job or position.

A personal interview is a meeting organized by a recruiter in which he evaluates a potential employee for prospective employment. However, this meeting should be considered a two-way process between the candidate and the interviewer. The interviewer looks to find out how well the candidate could do the job and fit in with their organization and team, and the candidate aims to show that they are the best person for the job and the organization.

A personal interviewer is expected to know more about your working background and personal experiences. An interviewer will also judge you by looking at your work history and success and failure stories. That’s why it’s essential to talk about all the points that cover your past success in your job, which has greatly molded you for the job you’re applying for. This provides a clear understanding of what is personal interview.

In a personal interview, not only you but also the interviewer is being introspected. The interview is a good way to understand each other and to know if both are benefiting equally.

This page covers lots of interview questions and answers for jobseekers and experienced professionals. It helps jobseekers who are about to attend an HR interview round.😀

Interview Questions

Good morning, sir. First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Harsh Jindal. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran (Mohali). I completed my secondary and senior secondary education at Saraswati Vidya Mandir Inter College, Shamli, Uttar Pradesh. I have published more than 10 research papers and filed more than 7 patents under the Research and Development Department. I am a quick learner, punctual, and hard worker. I am familiar with C, C++, Java, Data Structures and Algorithms, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I am currently developing my skills in web development, learning ReactJS and how to make webpages more responsive. Along with this, I am also learning the concepts of Data Structures and Algorithms. I love to play chess, and that’s one of my hobbies.

My short-term goal is to secure a position in a reputed company where I can continue to learn and enhance my skills. Regarding my long-term aspirations, I envision myself in a respected position within a company where I can contribute significantly to its growth and success.


My short-term goal is to be placed in a reputed company where I can learn more and enhance my skills. As for my long-term goal, I envision myself in a respectable position where I will grow along with my company.

Whenever someone asks me for help, it’s difficult for me to deny him/her. This is my weakness.


My weakness is that I tend to focus too much on details.

I am an honest, self-motivated, and hardworking individual with a positive attitude towards my career and goals. I approach any situation or condition without fear and willingly accept challenges. As a team player, I collaborate effectively, and as a quick learner, I adapt readily to new environments and tasks.


I am an honest, self-motivated, and hardworking person with a positive attitude towards my career and goals. I am never afraid of any situation or conditions, and accept any challenges. I am a team player and a quick learner.


Pressure is very important to me. Positive pressure, such as having numerous assignments or an upcoming deadline, helps me stay motivated and productive. Of course, there are times when too much pressure can lead to stress. However, I am skilled at balancing multiple projects and meeting deadlines, which prevents me from feeling overly stressed. For example, there was a week when I had three large projects due simultaneously, which was quite challenging. However, by creating a schedule that outlined how I would break down each project into smaller tasks, I managed to complete all three projects ahead of time and avoid unnecessary stress.

I would describe myself as motivated, organized, capable, hard-working, and energetic person.

If I were an animal, I would be a lion because lion is a great example of strong leadership, showing determination and dedication for their work.

I would relate my personality to red color because red is bold color that associated with excitement energy and action and I am very energetic person always do my work with full energy.

I believe that we don’t need inspiration only from big personalities. we can also get inspired by our surroundings too as if a person who is doing more hard work in his standard. we can learn from him to do the same.

After five years, I want to be an expert in my role whatever role is given to me. I want to see myself as a responsible person, leading a team of dedicated employees.

First of all, thank you, ma’am, for giving me the opportunity. However, I don’t believe I am in the right position to judge you as you have more knowledge and experience than me.

Well, definitely, I would choose designation because knowledge and experience matter more to me. With a higher designation, I would have the opportunity to work on more projects and gain further knowledge. For example, a manager holds a higher authority and more important designation within a firm compared to an assistant manager. So, I would definitely prioritize designation.

I don’t find any reason as of now for rejecting me, but I acknowledge that you are much more superior and experienced than me. I believe you understand how opportunities wait for someone. If, considering my capabilities and strengths, you believe I deserve something bigger, then I encourage you to reject me for this job. I believe that being rejected from something worthwhile may lead to something even greater.

I have all the skills and some practical experience that you are looking for, and I am quite confident that I would be perfect for this role. As I mentioned, I’m a workaholic, and I will undoubtedly dedicate my time to contribute to the company’s growth. Moreover, I’m flexible and adaptable, always eager to learn new things. I’m a hard worker who doesn’t stop until I get things done. Additionally, I’m a quick learner and can easily get along with everyone. That’s why you should hire me.

Yes, sir, I am willing to relocate. In starting it is a bit difficult in adjusting with a new place, environment but relocation teaches how to adjust and co-operate with new people. It will also aid in overcoming my shyness.

1. Yes, Since I will be joining as a fresher, Could you please tell me what all I need to study in particular before I join you.

2. Yes, What kind of trainings will be provided in this organization?

3. According to you, what are the qualities requires for a good candidate?

4. Is there any feedback from your end.

Sir, because I am a fresher, I am willing to learn so I want to work in an organization, where I can enhance my technical as well as soft skills and where I can get a chance to work on different technologies and where I can gain an experience. So, I can do my best for my company. So, I think your company is the best platform for starting my carrier because your company strongly focus on learning.


As a fresher, I aim to begin my career with the best company, and I believe that your company fits that description. Being the fastest-growing company in the industry, joining your organization would present an excellent opportunity for me to enhance my knowledge, upgrade my skills, and gain valuable experience.

My expectations for the company would include providing a work environment where I can effectively contribute to the team, receive recognition for my contributions, have job stability, and opportunities for growth within the company.

The difference between confidence and overconfidence is that confidence means the belief in yourself through your hard work. But overconfidence means you are thinking that you are the only person capable to do that work.


I can crack this interview is confidence.

I am the only one who can crack this interview is overconfidence.

Sir, everyone looks for their bright future, healthy work and environment, good salary, job satisfaction and I’m pretty sure that your company will give such things so I don’t need to change the company

In my opinion, Success is a journey where we put efforts to make dreams come true. Because I think that success is directly proportional to put efforts to achieve our goals. Moreover, success is a inner satisfaction when our dreams come into reality and it is not a destination it is a journey to prove yourself in a better way.

In my opinion, Success is a journey where we put efforts to make dreams come true. Because I think that success is directly proportional to put efforts to achieve our goals. Moreover, success is a inner satisfaction when our dreams come into reality and it is not a destination it is a journey to prove yourself in a better way.

I choose a career in B-Tech, even though it was challenging for me as I came from a Hindi medium background and it was mostly in English. However, I was interested in facing new challenges, so I accepted it and completed it successfully.

The most important thing is that once you make a decision, you have to be responsible and stick to it, and prove that it was worth it.


After completion of my 12th standard, I was confused a lot about which field I have to choose either degree or B-Tech and I don’t have any idea on both fields.

Finally, I joined in B.Tech and I am in my final year now. It was one of the toughest decisions.

I will try to resolve the problem instead of lying. If I lie for my company soon or later the truth will reveal one day it may affect my career or my company’s reputation. So, I will try to find the solution to the problem, rather lying.


It depends on the circumstance, if the lie will be beneficial for the company but doesn’t harm others then I will lie but if it harms anyone mentally or financially then clearly I wouldn’t lie.

Sir, as a fresher I don’t have any experience, my first priority is to gain knowledge and experience, So, I am expecting a salary according to the company norms which will fulfill my economic needs.

According to me, both hard and smart work is a key success and plays an important role in our life.

Hard work gives experience and smart work comes from experience.

Key Point !!

Don’t hesitate to tell interviews you don’t know the answer. Just be formal saying-

“I am not sure about the answer for this question but I’ll go through it later.”

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